Pension Transfer Advice

Pension Transfer Specialist

The Chatsworth Practice are a firm of Independent Financial Advisors.  We offer a meeting with our Pension Transfer Specialist.  The Chatsworth Practice provide a review and advice on transferring between most money purchase pensions. We introduce to a third party for advice concerning Defined Benefit pensions. Dealing with a Pension Transfer Specialist is important because Pension Transfers are a complex area.   Our Pension Transfer Specialist will review your individual circumstances.  Consideration will be given to your objectives including why you want to make a Pension Transfer.  Your attitude to risk and capacity for loss will be assessed.  The Chatsworth Practice Pension Transfer Specialist will examine your existing money purchase pension scheme to establish if there are any reasons why a Pension Transfer may not be in your best interests such as Plan Guarantees or Enhanced Tax-Free Cash.  Our Pension Transfer Specialist will consider whether the proposed Pension Transfer is likely to be of financial benefit considering the amount of time you have until retirement.  Our Pension Transfer Specialist will conduct independent research to highlight the best scheme available in the market.  A report will be created, comparing the existing scheme with the best available in the market.  If a transfer is recommended, our Pension Transfer Specialist will carry out independent research before recommending a Pension Investment Portfolio best suited to your objectives and attitude to risk.

Transferring Pensions Advice and Process

Transferring Money Purchase Pensions can be a difficult process.  Where our Pension Transfer Specialist recommends a transfer, we arrange the process of transferring Pensions.  A new Pension Plan is usually set up and a request sent to the Transferring Pensions Provider.  It is common for the the Transferring Pensions Provider to require a number of forms from the member and new provider before allowing the transfer.  Transferring Pensions can be a difficult and time consuming process.  Our Pension Transfer Specialist will manage the process of Transferring most Money Purchase Pensions to help ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Where advice concerning Defined Benefit pension schemes is required this will be referred to a specialist third party who will manage the process for you.

Pension Transfer Advice at Retirement

Pension Transfer Advice is sometimes needed at retirement where existing schemes will not provide a certain feature required by the member.  The Chatsworth Practice has a Pension Transfer Specialist experienced in this area.   A full Pension Transfer Advice Fact-Find is carried out to establish your full financial position and financial requirements in retirement.  Your attitude to risk and capacity for loss is explored and fully quantified before any Pension Transfer Advice is given.  Independent research is carried out to establish the best pension provider and pension investment portfolio for your needs.  Pension Transfer Advice is provided in the form of a comprehensive written report presented to the client.  A new plan is created.  The Chatsworth Practice Pension Transfer Specialist helps manage the process of transferring most money purchase pensions. Where advice is required concerning transfer from a Defined Benefit pension, a referral is made to a specialist third party who will manage the process for you.