Pension Review

Pension Review Service

The Chatsworth Practice provide a comprehensive Pension Review Service.  We regularly meet clients who have a range of different schemes built up over their working lives.  Our Pension Review Service analyses each plan to assess its suitability for your needs.  The Chatsworth Practice Pension Review Service analyses your retirement planning as a whole.  Where our Pension Advisors find your provision is insufficient to meet your retirement income needs, advice is provided to help overcome the shortfall.  Where appropriate our Pension Review Service includes independent research to recommend a new provider.  Pension transfers are considered as part of our Pension Review Service.

Ongoing Pension Reviews

Ongoing Pension Reviews are essential to ensure your retirement planning stays on track to meet your objectives.  The Chatsworth Practice Ongoing Pension Reviews include the following:

  •  Pension Legislation regularly changes, bringing opportunities but also risks.  Ongoing Pension Reviews ensure available opportunities are taken advantage of and any risks are minimised.
  • Ongoing Pension Reviews highlight changes to Pension Provider Charges, Terms and Conditions, and New Market Developments which can bring significant savings and benefits.  Where appropriate consideration is given to recommending a Pension Transfer.
  • Having the right portfolio of Investment Funds in your Pension is vital to acheiving good Pension Returns.   The outlook for growth in different asset classes and geographical areas is changing all the time.  Ongoing Pension Reviews from The Chatsworth Practice reassess the mix of Pension Investments to take account of changes in the world economic and political outlook.  Changes are recommended where appropriate to help to ensure your Pensions are invested to best advantage every year.
  •  Investing in highly rated funds can help acheive your retirement objectives.  Fund Managers  frequently move providers and some highly rated managers become less highly rated over time.  All Fund Managers make an ongoing charge for managing your Pension Investments.  Our Ongoing Pension Reviews make sure you are getting good value for money.  Ongoing Pension Reviews are essential to ensure your Pension Investment is managed to best advantage.

Pensions Review at Retirement

The Chatsworth Practice Independent Financial Advisors can provide a specialist Pensions Review at Retirement.  Our Pensions Review examines your financial requirements in retirement.  We conduct a specialist Pensions Review of existing schemes to highlight preserved benefits, product guarantees or other valuable benefits.  The options available at retirement are much broader than in the past. Flexible access to pensions at retirement is now available to most people. This new level of choice brings opportunities but also risks.  As part of their Pensions Review at Retirement The Chatsworth Practice gives consideration to Flexible Pension Access through Flexi-access Drawdown and Uncrystallised Fund Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS).  Our Pensions Review compares Flexible Pension Access to more traditional options such as buying a Pension Annuity.  The Pensions Review considers all options before recommending the most suitable to meet your objectives and attitude to risk.  Whichever option is recommended by our Pensions Review, independent research is carried out to identify the best provider for your needs.