Independent Financial Advice for NHS staff & Medical Professionals

We work with a range of clients from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our clients include NHS staff, doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, administrators and many retired people.

What all our clients have in common is the need for a professional relationship with someone to help them plan for their futures

Some of our most long standing clients are NHS staff and medical professionals who have enjoyed a trusted source of financial planning and advice for over 25 years. It is common for clients to recommend family members. We regularly deal with several generations of the same family.

We created The Chatsworth Practice around the principles of Expertise, Independence & Personal Service. David Skinner has provided investment and pension advice & portfolio management services to NHS staff and medical professionals since 2003. Keith Skinner has been arranging mortgages for NHS staff and medical professionals since 1984. Cordelia Skinner is our practice manager and trainee financial adviser. She is a fully qualified registered nurse, who has worked at various hospitals in Glasgow, Southampton and Bournemouth.

We offer regular face to face meetings at our offices or at clients homes in London and the South of England. We offer out of hours consultations via telephone, skype or facetime to meet the needs of our busy professional clients.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a free initial consultation.

The FCA Doesn’t regulate Taxation or Buy to Let mortgages.

Pension & Investment advice & portfolio management for NHS staff & medical professionals

NHS staff & medical professionals often have excess income, savings or existing investments and pensions. We provide an investment management service to ensure their money is working to best advantage. We manage client accounts personally to give piece of mind that money is managed to best advantage allowing clients to focus on their work.

NHS pension advice

Changes in taxation have made some higher earning medical professionals exceed the annual pension contribution limits and lifetime allowance. This has significant financial implications in terms of extra taxation. We provide a review service to workers quantify their potential liabilities and where appropriate take steps to minimise them.

Private pension advice

Where medical professionals are not utilising their annual pension contribution allowance or annual lifetime allowance, funding retirement through a personal pension can be a tax efficient and effective way of saving. We provide bespoke recommendations and investment management tailored to a client’s requirements.

At retirement advice for NHS staff & medical professionals.

We frequently advise clients on how best to take benefits from their NHS and private pensions. In many cases this involves assessing the benefits of taking tax free cash or an enhanced pension income. We provide advice on how best to take benefits where a client is above the lifetime allowance. Where tax free cash has been taken, we can construct and manage a bespoke personalised investment portfolio suited to our clients needs.

Mortgage Advice for NHS staff & medical professionals.

We have experience and expertise in raising mortgages for high earning NHS staff and medical professionals. It is common for young Doctors to want to borrow more than their basic salary would normally allow based on a clear career progression. We have experience in raising higher than normal mortgage amounts for Doctors where appropriate.We frequently help Doctors with NHS and private practice earnings raise the mortgages or commercial finance they require.

NHS staff and medical professionals often work significant over time or bank shifts which many mortgage providers do not take account of when offering mortgages. We have experience in locating lenders willing to take this income into account.

Insurance to protect you and your family.

All of us want to protect ourselves and our family should we die, suffer a critical illness or a long term health complaint which may impact on our ability to work. We have expertise in working with people in difficult to insure occupations or with pre-existing health complaints. We offer to review existing plans to ensure they continue to meet your needs, and where appropriate recommend and set up new schemes tailored to your requirements. Trusts are routinely used to ensure the money is provided to those who need it in the most tax efficient way.

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